love in just a few words

The story that I’ve posted tonight is a very special love story: Will you love me always…

One with a sad ending.

But before the end, came love.  And, after the end — love ever after.

Some of us have been blessed with loves like this one.  I have been so blessed – with love ever after.


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Life’s Stories


Hello. One word.
One word, that contains so much meaning.
So much potential.

A few words more, and you have one of life’s stories.

“Hello” she said, smiling.  He asked her which way she was headed, and if he could come along.

Twenty-five years later, a house, two kids, one dog.

He approaches her. “Hello” she says, smiling. He asks her which way she is headed, and if he can come along — and he does, still. And she continues smiling.

57 words.

This is a place of few words.  A place of life’s stories in just a few words.

Thank you, for spending time here with these stories.


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